My Internship Experience at HashedIn by Deloitte

About HashedIn

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HashedIn University

  • Organized by expert employees at HashedIn.
  • Conducted for around 90 interns.
  • A 2-month intense training program with a final project submission.
  • Weekly different tracks.
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Month 1 timeline

  • Track 1: (4th-11th Feb) Basics GIT, Docker, HTML/CSS, and Typescript
  • Track 2: (12th-18th Feb) React and React Hooks
  • Track 3: (19th-25th Feb) Java Spring Boot
  • Track 4: (1st-5th March) Data Engineering

Month 2

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  • A document summarizer that will give a crisp and short summary of the uploaded document.
  • An extracting tool that will return the complex and problematic clauses from the document for a professional to review.
  • A comparator tool that will give the user an overview of the differences between the two documents.
  • Front-End: React with typescript, Bootstrap
  • Back-end: Java (Spring boot) / API on spring boot, Python, Flask
  • Database: Google Firebase
  • The legal contracts dataset is not available to the public due to confidential reasons.
  • We have taken a pre-trained model which has been trained on the newspaper corpus but works well with legal documents as well.
  • Connecting the front-end (React) to the back-end (java) took some time as we had to make API calls.

Outcome of Internship

  • Conversion of Internship into PPO.
  • Industry Software development and design understanding
  • Understanding application development.
  • Working on Client’s projects.

Personal Learnings

  • Industry Software development and design understanding.
  • Understanding application development.
  • Understanding trending technologies like React, Springboot, etc.
  • Getting an Industry experience.
  • Identifying common application deployment models and components in the development pipeline.
  • Unit testing
  • Developing frontend and Backend technologies.





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